We help professional service providers, such as accountants and solicitors, to fill the gaps in their practice management software using innovative solutions.

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Our technology has been proven to enhance the way professional services firms do business. Let us help you improve productivity and streamline your workflows.

Who we are

Transforming your practice management system into a well-oiled machine

We provide cutting-edge, innovative software that enables professional services firms to plug the gaps in their practice management systems.


Less admin • Less hassle
More time to concentrate on what matters most


Client Onboarding

A one-stop shop for all your client onboarding needs. Our innovative tool allows your firm to process new clients efficiently while remaining compliant and reducing your overall workload.Discover more »

Client Meeting Platform

Connect4 from Summa Tech is an innovative client meeting platform that allows client-centric firms to deliver outstanding client meetings time and again.Discover more »

Client Portal

A central, secure location for firms and their clients to upload and exchange documents in a speedy and efficient manner.Discover more »

Desk Booking

This tool allows staff to book desks and car parking spaces in real-time. This allows firms to maximise desk utilisation for their hybrid workers.Discover more »

MTD Bridging

A piece of software for accountancy firms which will help your clients who do not have MTD compatible software meet their VAT obligations.Discover more »
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With our years of experience in the software industry, we have made partnerships with a number of software providers that enable us to pass on their services to you at a discounted price.



Contact us today and we can find out which
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