Client Portal

Client Portal

Summa Tech’s client portal allows you to upload and exchange documents in a secure and efficient manner.

What does the client portal offer?

  • Robust security

    Our client portal software offers secure, encrypted channels for document exchanges, protecting data from unauthorised access. Multi-factor authentication ensures that only authorised individuals can access the portal.

  • Improved efficiency

    The software enables quick and efficient digital exchanges of documents, eliminating the need for physical mail. All documents are stored centrally, making it easy to locate and retrieve them when needed.

  • Version control

    The document versioning feature within our client portal software allows firms to easily manage and track different versions of a document. The client portal also allows firms to control who has access to documents, preventing unauthorised overwriting of data.

  • Regulatory compliance

    The client portal tool helps firms comply with regulatory requirements, including features that assist with GDPR compliance. It also creates audit trails of all document exchanges, helping firms maintain accurate records and comply with legal requirements.

  • Improved client experience

    The user-friendly interface of the client portal makes it easy for clients to upload and download documents. Clients can receive notifications when new documents are available, improving communication and transparency.

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