Desk and Car Park Booking System

Desk and Car Park Booking System

In an age of remote and hybrid working, it has become increasingly challenging for staff at professional services firms when it comes to booking desks in the office and ensuring they have a car parking space for when they are in.

With Summa Tech’s remote booking system, office and parking spaces
can be managed effectively. Here’s how:

  • Real-time booking

    A desk booking system allows employees to book desks and parking spaces in real-time, helping to prevent overbooking and ensuring that everyone has a place to work and park.

  • Resource management

    The system can also help manage the allocation of other resources, such as meeting rooms and equipment, ensuring that they are used efficiently.

  • Capacity management

    By controlling the number of bookings allowed at any one time, the system can help maintain social distancing in the office. While Covid precautions have waned in recent times, the assurance of remaining socially distant may prove to be of comfort to some employees.

  • Pre-booking

    Employees can pre-book desks before coming into the office, saving time and reducing stress.

  • Flexible booking options

    The system can offer flexible booking options, allowing employees to book desks for a few hours, a day, or even a week, depending on their needs.

  • Remote access

    Employees can access the system remotely, allowing them to book desks from anywhere, which can be particularly beneficial for those working on a hybrid schedule.

By implementing Summa Tech’s desk booking system, professional services firms can address the challenges associated with hybrid working and desk and car park booking, helping to create a more flexible, efficient, and safe working environment.

For more information about our desk booking system software, please contact us today.

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