Client portals – The next step towards first-class client experiences?

Client portals – The next step towards first-class client experiences?

Client experience and the resulting brand loyalty can make or break your business.

This is particularly true for accountancy firms and related financial services, which regularly handle sensitive information and ensure compliance with legislation.

Delivering an excellent client experience requires ongoing commitment and review of internal and external processes.

Firms need to invest strategically in providing a unique client experience which puts service and relationships at its core.

More firms in the industry and beyond are adopting an approach to client experience that prioritises bespoke services, ease of use and secure, streamlined information management.

For 70 % of companies, this includes developing an online portal for clients and customers, according to a recent study by Salesforce.

By providing a dedicated online space that collates all tools and information in one place, firms may well be taking the next step towards a top-tier client experience.

Why build a portal?

Working collaboratively with clients is the best way to ensure you’re helping in achieving their goals and that they are remaining compliant with accounting requirements.

However, this can be challenging for businesses without an in-house accounting team, or which incorporate remote working.

Documents can be lost or overwritten. Small details can be missed. Data can be accessed or shared without authorisation.

Creating a dedicated client portal is an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver an improved client experience with robust security and a streamlined accounting system.

In the development of our client portal feature, we’ve identified the features which offer the most value to our clients – thereby delivering a first-class experience to their own.

Control and compliance

A client portal not only provides a convenient one-stop shop for clients and accountants to share information, but it also presents an opportunity to tighten up GDPR compliance.

Similarly, it is simple to create audit trails and create accurate accounts to meet legal obligations and tax liabilities.

To ensure accuracy and avoid the loss of data, firms and their clients can control access to a document and track changes to prevent data from being overwritten.

Shoring up security

Client trust is the foundation of long-term retention and the ability to grow your accountancy practice – which means it needs to be at the core of all your client experience initiatives.

In particular, sensitive financial information and accounts need to be protected in a demonstrable way to maintain client trust.

In this case, data encryption ensures that documents are protected from unauthorised access.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) allows only authorised individuals to access the portal and view secure information.

Business software customers are increasingly concerned about data security, with 80 % more likely to trust a third party with their data if its use was clearly explained, and 84% becoming more protective over their information.

From this, we can see that firms with a secure client portal are far more likely to appeal to the growing number of businesses seeking to protect their data while streamlining their accounting processes – but that’s not all.

A user-friendly experience

A straightforward, intuitive interface is also key to a successful client portal.

By allowing clients to easily upload and download documents, control document access and keep updated on the progress of projects with notifications, accountancy firms can make complex financial processes accessible to clients with ease.

The key to unlocking efficiency

With a client portal, you can change your service game beyond offering a friendly service or top-notch accounting.

You’ll be unlocking efficiency across your operations with easy document sharing, leaving your team with more time to build relationships with clients and boost their experience with your firm.

We can help you optimise your client experience with a dedicated online portal – helping you stand out from your competitors and offer a secure, intuitive space for your clients to manage their finances.

To find out how our solution can help you, contact us today.

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