Handling gaps and issues with practice management software at professional services firms

Handling gaps and issues with practice management software at professional services firms

Every successful professional services firm needs good software to keep everything running smoothly.

This kind of software helps with onboarding clients, arranging resources, managing projects, tracking time, and much more.

However, even top-quality solutions can sometimes fall short and not meet all the needs of these firms.

Core functions

Often these work well with larger practice management solutions so areas such as time and billing or compliance tools are well catered for but equally, this focus can mean the other elements of managing a practice are overlooked or poorly served.

Rightly so, as areas around compliance are regularly changing this should be a ‘core’ function of a solution. Summa tech looks to step in and deliver enhancements to this so work in conjunction with core tools.

Problems with getting systems to work together

A big issue is when practice management software doesn’t work well with other systems. Ideally, all systems and data should work together.

If they don’t, it can cause errors and mean more work for employees who must then put the same data into different systems, which in itself is inefficient and prone to error.

Software can’t be tailored to fit your firm

Another common problem is when the practice management software can’t be changed to fit the way a firm works.

Each firm is unique, with its own way of doing things, managing clients, billing, and reporting.

If the software can’t be adapted to these needs, it can mean finding awkward solutions that waste time and are inefficient.

Software can’t keep up with firm growth

As firms grow, they need their practice management software to grow with them.

However, some software can’t handle this growth, leading to slowdowns or crashes when more people start using it.

This can limit how much a firm can grow and lead to expensive upgrades or changes later on.

Not enough training or help

Many software providers don’t give enough training or help, and if they do it may come at a relatively expensive cost. This can leave firms struggling to fully use all the software’s features, slowing down work and causing frustration among employees.

Compliance issues

Firms must follow certain rules and regulations. Some practice management software, especially ones developed outside the UK, don’t cater well to these needs.

If the software doesn’t handle UK-specific rules like tax laws, data protection, or industry regulations, it can lead to legal problems and risks for the business.

The above issues can often occur due to the gaps in practice management software, a regular problem for firms relying on these software solutions.

At Summa Tech, we provide software solutions that plug these gaps, helping firms cover all their practice management requirements.

If you feel like the gaps in your current practice management software are hindering your firm and you’d like more information about the software solutions that Summa Tech can provide, please contact us today.

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