The building blocks of success – Why accounting technology is like Lego

The building blocks of success – Why accounting technology is like Lego

We at Summa Tech (and those that know me will know this already) are huge fans of Lego. The creativity, the skill, the endless possibilities – what’s not to love?

While it’s a fantastic hobby, and even a worthwhile investment we have also found some very useful lessons to be learned from one of the world’s most valuable toy brands.

It goes far beyond a fun and interactive way to pass the time. Each brick is unassuming, fairly pointless on its own and very painful to step on, but put them together, and you get the Millennium Falcon, a pirate ship or even the Titanic or Eifel Tower.

Our very own construction set

We’re technology enthusiasts, particularly when bespoke tech solutions can address efficiency pain points for professional service practices.

This means we spend a lot of our time building something more than its constituent parts, so we naturally saw a connection between our love of Lego and our passion for tech.

Each of our solutions, whether it be client onboarding, our Connect4 meeting platform or our client portal, meet a significant need on their own but equally click together – just like bricks.

In fact, they are specifically designed to ‘fill the gaps’ in existing practice management software solutions which may be causing inefficiencies.

Just like a Lego set, we try to ensure none of the pieces for success are missing.

However, we can also see the clear advantages of uniting our solutions into a bespoke model that meets the needs of individual clients.

For example, if a client comes to us requiring an onboarding solution, we’ll look beyond this initial request and identify other needs, such as a client portal which can communicate with the onboarding process, ensure documents are approved and a meeting platform which can be connected to the client portal.

In this way, we move beyond flashy tech products and create something bigger – an excellent experience for our clients and the firms.

The bigger picture

Client experience is the finished product. Picture 10,000 small grey bricks, pieced together to create the Eiffel Tower and you get the idea – useful building blocks joined together into something even better.

This is where we have to consider existing practice management processes. We’re not asking clients to reinvent the wheel, rather we seek to enhance the wheel they already use.

Summa Tech solutions can integrate into all the major practice management solutions such as CCH and Karbon to name but two. This helps us to make adopting our solutions easy for our clients.

By introducing building blocks which fit in with the original set, we can seamless enhance what is already there.

This is a significant cost-saver for clients for example, it would take a significant amount of time and cost to build a bespoke practice management with built-in onboarding and meeting functionality from scratch.

It also means that clients can adopt our solutions into their existing workflows easily and minimise disruption.

A multi-layered solution

What we’ve seen in the course of our work is that there are two layers of building blocks which make our solution work for our clients – collaboration between our products and integration with existing practice management software.

This approach, focusing on the finish product of great client experience rather than the individual components, is what makes us unique and able to deliver something new to our clients.

In many ways, we have our collective love of Lego to thank for affirming this point of view.

Since its inception in 1949, Lego has enjoyed surge after surge in popularity as it evolves over time (did you know that Lego started making wooden ducks and today have developed to make accurate replicas of Concorde and other iconic buildings).

While part of that is no doubt down to some clever marketing and its ability to evolve with consumer interests and popular coluture, we think it is ultimately down to the satisfaction that we all get from making something great out of lots of small parts.

We encourage any firm struggling with inefficiencies in their client management software to consider the bigger picture and think about what we can help them to create.

We’ll keep building, and we want you to do the same.

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