Technology that inspires – The ‘domino effect’ of solid workflows

Technology that inspires – The ‘domino effect’ of solid workflows

Have you ever been faced with a challenge or the overwhelming feeling of starting a major new project?

Most of us have. When you find yourself in this situation, think about where you start to address the task ahead. Most of us start simple, correct?

This is one of our core values, the idea that digital transformation and the embracing of cloud technology and workflows form the basis of every other success which comes your way.

Many firms will seek to simply enhance what is already there, to make day-to-day work and client interactions more efficient. While we thrive on this approach, taking on a new way of working can have far larger implications.

The truth is that adopting a bespoke technical solution that enhances efficiency across an organisation can inspire new ways of thinking and innovative projects which may not have been viable without taking that initial step.

Goals as a starting point

The movement towards cloud-based technology in accounting is not just a trend, but rather a transformative force that unlocks so many possibilities for professionals in this field.

When we are first introduced to a new client, it is a priority for us to understand not only their technological and operational needs but their overall goals and aspirations.

This can help us to get a better understanding of what functions that particular client might need in the future, with the potential for new projects and work to be facilitated by an existing infrastructure.

In short, adopting technology to support efficiency and other operational goals forms the foundations to grow the business in innovative ways and to facilitate new projects.

A new way of thinking

Adopting new technologies or solutions as a response to a specific pain point is common among professional services providers, particularly independent firms – but this often reveals the path towards a revolutionary working style.

Within our specialism of onboarding, for example, we find that changing the way that a client does one thing can trigger a review or rethink of other processes and ways of approaching work.

Through our onboarding solution, firms we work with can provide their clients with a seamless first experience with great communication, document management and smooth AML and identity checks.

While this is significantly beneficial, technology adoption rarely stops there.

Consider it from this perspective – if a client has discovered that, by doing one process a certain way, they can achieve major efficiencies, why would they not apply this thinking to other areas of the business?

The foundations of future innovation

We began by posing a question on the best way to approach a challenge or to start a new project which seems impossible.

At Summa Tech, we’re firm believers that a strong foundation is the key to supporting innovation and future growth.

As an example of how onboarding can help to achieve that, consider a firm which plans to grow through a service expansion, but which has put this off because of difficulty managing client satisfaction levels at its existing size.

By shaping client experience from first principles, onboarding can create the space that the firm needs to be able to embark on this new project.

Additionally, it might commence a review of other processes, such as how it submits accounts or collates tax data to enhance the client experience across the lifetime of the relationship.

We’ve long been of the view that the adoption of technology to address needs and future goals has the potential to inspire and drive far more significant change than expected within a business if technology is allowed to lead the way.

To find out how Summa Tech can inspire you, contact us to book a demo today. 

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